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As a Talent Agent, I represent some of the most innovative business professionals in corporate America. I possess deep industry experience: Y2K, the Dotcom bubble, 9/11 and the '07-'08 financial meltdown to the pandemic. These watershed societal and economic events forever transformed the way we now think about business continuity, job security, personal safety, life purpose, business relationships, family and career advancement.

• The past reverberates today. We continue to manage the ever rapid and dramatic changes of the "digital first" world by collaborating with today’s leaders. We learn how an executive perceives uniqueness, emphasizing the importance of suitability, and suggesting the best utilization of talents.

• My understanding of human capital simplifies alignment, particularly within an arguably imperfect, complex, unstructured and fragmented talent acquisition / hiring system. Optimal fit = perfect candidate + perfect role. I marry those two and deliver value to the individual seeking to achieve aspirational goals.

• I am singularly able to galvanize my network in a way that transcends the simple “1 + 1” formula that the traditional recruitment community normally espouses. But I am not a recruiter in the conventional sense.

I advocate and represent the individual business star like an agent would do for a movie actor, professional athlete, model, opera singer, lead guitarist in a rock band, book author or other power player to attain what is expected, desired and earned. You will find me to be a trustworthy, purposeful, generous, clever, knowledgeable, determined and caring fellow professional and business partner…as committed to your hopes and dreams as you are to yourself.

Employers can rest assured that I identify superior talent fostering successful matches. I am also devoted to your organizational growth and it's never about dumping a resume. You can rely on my strong industry reputation and background that will always present the finest professionals in the marketplace. I enable the organization to overcome a bevy of hiring challenges by opening new doors and offering fresh methods to discovering hidden talent. My clients (and your candidates) are prepared to solve big problems, focused on winning and eager to produce immediately.

• My Top 5 CliftonStrengths: Strategic | Belief | Activator | Maximizer | Connectedness. These are undeniable qualities that will get the job done for you.

• Favorite Quote: "All great change in America begins at the dinner table" - Ronald Reagan